Angel International

Angels Maltese has achieved an international reputation with our small Angels that have lovely silky coats, sweet dispositions, distinctive type, featuring head and expression which is our own. I like to say you don’t have to be BIG to win. I see my “Little Angels” competing in different countries against the larger Maltese and when we take the award, it only confirms that the Angels I breed can be competitive around the WORLD.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a few of my internationals family members: Frankie J. Larrieu, Mark C. Chilcutt, Rosario Pecchio, Sharon & Jeff Rainey, Hiroyuki Kito, Noriko Danjo , Song Yound Gong, and Genju Ozeki, . As they have added to my continued success and made an ethereal contribution, whether it be handling, providing home environments, winning Best Of Breed at Crufts or Frankie’s Best In Show. I love each of these wins, but I immediately start to plan for the next win. These guys support my endeavors and have demonstrated there confidence in me by acquiring an Angel, exhibiting and breeding around the nation. As I am not content to rest on the reputation of the quality of one dog or past dogs, I am always looking forward, endeavoring to improve with each generation I breed.


These are my friends, Hiroyuki Kito & Noriko Danjo  from
Handa-city Aichi, Japan