Angel Tips

CPR & Heimlich

Every dog owner should be prepared for an emergency.  This includes keeping a first aid kit handy and knowing what to do in case they get choked, their heart should stop and they aren’t breathing.  Here are some instructions every animal lover should know.

Teeth and Correct Bite

As a show breeder, one of the most important things that determine the quality of a Maltese is their teeth and bite.  Not only
should you have the teeth cleaned on a regular basis, but there needs to be a check at least once a month for the developing bite.  Baby teeth not being replaced by the permanent ones, can result in poor alignment.  When purchasing a Maltese, it is wise to always check the bite to be sure it is scissored and not under or over shod.  I would highly recommend NOT bringing a potential show puppy home until it is at least 5 – 6 months of age or has its permanent or second teeth.  This will save much heartache for YOU and the PUPPY.  The adjustment period is difficult enough
without having to lose one you’ve come to love and/or disrupting the puppy’s well being.  Here are some pictures of a correct bite.

How to do Top Knots

Everyone has their own technique for putting the hair up in top knots.  In the United States, we use the double top knot, where as in other countries, like Ireland and England,  a single one is acceptable.  Here is how we do our top knots.

Wrapping The Hair

In the ten years I’ve been breeding and grooming Maltese, I’ve learned many techniques from other handlers, breeders, and show people.  Through the years, I’ve  developed many of my own, but the learning experiences of others has proven invaluable.  Each year new products come on the market and some old standbys are hard to beat, but we all want one thing……A beautiful flowing white coat to go with that “look at me attitude.”   Whether you plan to show your Maltese or just want them to look beautiful as your adorable pet, hopefully some of the following “Angel Tips” will help you achieve this.